Less Talk, More Fight

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George knew as a very young child that nothing in his life would ever be handed to him.

That’s why he has worked his entire adult life, right here in Pennsylvania, to become a success – to make a better life for his family.

That’s why when the woke, liberal mob came for our values, our statues, our holidays, and culture George fought them day and night at his expense – and won.

George is running for U.S. Senate because he believes the radical left puts America’s greatness in dire jeopardy.

George believes in hard work – and that we should put people to work. Not pay people to quit their jobs and stay home.

George believes in respect for our laws. And that criminals belong behind bars.

The outcome of this election will fundamentally change our Commonwealth and our country for the better – or for the worse.

How we choose to move Pennsylvania forward is up to each one of us.

With your help we’ll defeat the pretenders on the right and the radicals on the left and ensure that every hardworking Pennsylvania family has the best shot at a better life.